As always excellent service, smiley faces and very welcoming. Work done always on time, to good quality and reasonable prices.
Been going since the shop opened (1996 Ed!) and very happy.
Freddie Huxtable


I just wanted to let you know how pleased Piers and I are that we discovered your shop all those years ago, during your first week of trading in Ealing. Piers has benefitted from lovely crisply ironed shirts and dry cleaning and I have been liberated from the ironing board! It’s also always a pleasure to have a chat with your efficient and professional staff. I can even occasionally practice my rusty Polish with some of them! Keep up the good work!
All the best.


I am always delighted by the service provided by The Press Gang. Courteous and smiling staff and job always well done and on time.
Sarah Aglionby


First class service, always friendly, always helpful, excellent fast service AND they collect and deliver at convenient times. We use the Ealing Common branch and strongly recommend them.
Christine and Jack G


I’ve been a customer of Press Gang in Ealing for over 10 years and have always had great service, care and attention with my clothes, whether Ironing or Dry Cleaning. The team are always helpful and friendly.
I would not go anywhere else,
Carole Oates


The team are always friendly, efficient and offer excellent service.
On many occasions I have lost tickets yet they are able to mitigate my stupidity!
Keep up the good work,
Shaf Shah


I would like to thank two receptionists at Chiswick Press Gang Tanya and Nada for being very helpful, very accurate and very professional. For the last three years, we’ve been taking all our things for pressing and cleaning to their office and we are always met with a smile and a good piece of advise as to what can be done with a stubborn stain or other such things. We hope that this good service will continue. Thank you!


You have some excellent staff. Your “front of office” team and particularly the person who was there when we were talking (Riwana, Ed!) you are very fortunate and perhaps it’s because you might be someone they like working for!
Occasionally, I am not entirely satisfied with the pressing of the button-front and the collars of my shirts, but I think it’s only a couple of times in all the years I have been spending vast amounts of money on Press Gang services!
Pay your team appropriately (but don’t increase your prices).
Best regards, Bob Walton


I don’t know the name of the assistant who was on tonight (Nadia, Ed!) but she acknowledged me by name when I entered the shop, that’s pretty impressive to me, so very well done to you and your team.

If you think it is appropriate please share this email with your team. I think it is probably time I learnt their names!
Thanks and best regards, Martin


I have used the services of your branch in Ealing Common since we moved to the area 5 years ago and have been extremely satisfied with the cleaning and workmanship especially the friendly service provided mainly by Riwana.
Special appreciation for arranging to locate and expedite the cleaning of my son’s suit when needed and I had not realised.
Thank you. Jeanne Waas